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I'm so happy you found me!

Congratulations on your journey towards parenthood (or parenthood once again!)

As a Postpartum Doula, my goal is to provide you with compassionate

and knowledgeable guidance throughout this transformative time in your life. 

A Postpartum Doula
is a trained professional who provides continuous physical
, emotional and practical support to new mothers and their families.

How does a Postpartum Doula support you?

Emotional Support

A Doula is a continuous comforting presence: offering encouragement, showing a caring and empathetic attitude, and helping you and your family work through fears and self-doubt about parenting and life after your baby arrives. 

Practical Support

A Doula can help keep you and your family informed through your recovery and each milestone of your newborn's development. They can also help you find evidence-based information about different options and strategies as you navigate new parenthood. A Doula is an unbiased resource, never a source. 

Physical Support

A Doula can help ease your transition home by helping with light housework, grocery shopping and meal preparation. A doula can also help with newborn care while parents rest, sibling support and can be act as a buffer for family members, friends and visitors.


What are the benefits of Postpartum Doula Support?


The postpartum period can be a challenging and overwhelming time for new parents. Hiring a professional Postpartum Doula can provide essential support and guidance. 

Research shows the benefits of Postpartum Doulas include: 

• Lower rates of postpartum mood disorders, including depression

• Higher breastfeeding success rates

• Deeper bonds between

parents and infants

• More confidence in parenting skills


Postpartum Doulas can also offer empathetic listening after an intense birth, relief from the isolation of new parenting, and reduce calls to the pediatrician for basic information. 

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